free spirit friday // jan 31

Right now I’m listening to Dave Matthews Band “Grey Street” as I write…feel free to click here to listen as you read 🙂

Some days I find myself lacking inspiration, and some days the creativity flow just won’t stop. Lately it feels as if I’m digging for inspiration in all the wrong places, and it’s just not happening. I’ve recently been thinking about starting to paint again, and I think it’s just what I need. After I graduated from CCAD, I’m not going to lie, I was burnt out on painting and was happy to let it go for a while. But every once and a while I would think about it and remember how good it would feel to get lost in art; to start with a vast white space and turn it into something only you can create. Being a photographer, you do get to be creative, but painting and creating art taps into another part of your brain, and I miss it. I miss using that part of my brain, thinking beyond your normal thoughts and letting your brain get lost in another realm. I never want to lose that part of myself because deep down, it’s who I am. For me, the feeling I get from creating art is unmatched to anything. I went through photos of my paintings from my thesis show, and I started remembering painting each and every one of them. Small details that my brain forgot about, I suddenly remember. I remember hours passing in the middle of the night working on a painting to get it done, and hoping that it would dry fast enough. Sitting on pillows because my butt hurt so bad from working 10 hours straight. But nothing compares to the feeling when you put the very last stroke of paint on a painting and you know it’s done- you can walk away.

I can remember wanting to major in Fine Arts because I hated computers and I wanted to make “real art”. I hated the thought of creating art from behind a computer screen. I didn’t understand it and I didn’t think it was real. I obviously feel differently now 🙂 I always thought it was ironic that I became a photographer, and I now spend the majority of my work days behind a computer. But there is something special about a painting on a canvas that will never lose its originality.

When I’m lost and in need of inspiration, the best thing I can do is to do what I know- create art. I am a photographer, but beyond that, I will always be an artist. I am vowing to make time to be an artist again, because my soul needs it. Here are a few of my paintings from college…what keeps you inspired? What do you turn to when you need something to bring you back to yourself?


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